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Travel Itinerary

A temple in the North of Thailand

Day 1 - 3  Monday - Wednesday, Jan 29 - Jan 31

  • Travel from US to Chiang Mai, Thailand

Day 3 Wednesday, Jan 31

  • Arrive in Chiang Mai YAY! greeted by our wonderful tour guide Ghan. Escorted to Chiang Mai Gate Hotel to shower and refresh

  • Hit the town for:

    • Walking tour

      • Margie will help you familiarize yourself with the area and lesser known hidden gems plus teach you how to exchange money

      • Lunch

    • Experience an authentic Medical Thai Massage at the highly acclaimed Thai Traditional and Complementary Medicine Center!

  • Back to hotel to crash😴

Day 4 Thursday, Feb 1

  • Visit Doi Suthep Temple for

    • Receiving a blessing from a monk

    • Have your fortune told

    • Have your cameras ready for many photo opps: the scenice drive up, the panoramic views, the amazing architeture, and so much more!

  • Visit Jade Factory

    • From Doi Suthep, walk through the Hand Craft Village on the way to the Jade Factory

      • If you love corn - you WILL LOVE this walk!! - They have amazing Thai street corn on the cob! OR be a little more adventurous by eating one of the many bugs to choose from. Grasshopper anyone?!

    • Learn how they mine for Jade

    • Check out the rainbow of different colors of the Jade stone

    • This is the best place to pick out a unique piece of jewelry

  • Visit Royal Flora Ratchaphruek Park

    • Explore the various gardens and attractions on a bike or a trolley

Day 5 Friday, Feb 2

  • Visit Doi Inthanon National Park

    • Thailand’s highest point

    • Walk through the mystical Cloud Forest on the boardwalk

    • Enjoy the soothing sounds and gentle mist of the park's majestic Waterfalls

Day 6 Saturday, Feb 3

  • Enjoy the many festivities of the Flower Festival. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the kaleidoscope of colors at the Festival's Parade.

Day 7 Sunday, Feb 4

  • Take a short drive to go and enjoy a relaxing ride down the river on a bamboo raft

  • Have fun playing with Thailand’s highly revered elephants at a well respected sanctuary

  • Sunday: Stroll down the Sunday Walking Street with numberous vendors and food as far as the eye can see...YUM!!

Day 8 - 12 Monday - Friday, Feb 5 - 9

  • Thai Massage Training at the Old Medicine Hospital Thai Massage School

    • Opened to anyone, not just massage therapists - IF interested

  • For non-students:

    • Enjoy five more free days to explore more of Chiang Mai, also known as the Rose of the North!

Day 12 Friday night, Feb 9

  • Farewell dinner and graduation celebration at The Old Cultural Center

    • A party for all your senses!​


Day 13 - 14 Saturday - Sunday, Feb 10 - 11

  • Free Day: options

  • Pamper yourself at a day spa; squeeze in another Thai Massage

  • Take your taste buds on a culinary adventure at a Thai cooking class

  • Visit the must see: White, Black, and Blue Temples

  • Travel back through time and explore the old city of Chiang Mai

Day 15 Monday, Feb 12

  • Leave Chiang Mai.

Day 16 Tuesday, Feb 13

  • Arrive back in USA.

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