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Hello I'm Margie!


Mastering MyoZen
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I began my massage journey in 1984 at the Hills Fitness Center in Austin, Texas, where I quickly earned a spot on the team. After rigorous training, I obtained my official license in 1989.


A serendipitous turn led me to teaching when a wrist injury forced me to take a break from massage. I found my passion in helping students make a difference in their clients' lives.

In 1993, I started teaching at the Florida College of Natural Health, expanding into Thai massage to fulfill their curriculum. Intrigued by its yoga-like stretches, I pursued training in Thailand. My transformative experience there inspired me to bring students along on my Thai massage exploration.

My unplanned journey to Thailand led me to the Medicine Hospital in Chang Mai, where I embarked on a 10-day course. The trip flowed effortlessly, and I fell in love with all things Thai, including the culture, food, and, of course, Thai massage. I've been taking groups to Thailand ever since, sharing this incredible modality with students and non-massage enthusiasts alike. More on that later!

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