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Healing the receiver and the giver, delivering longevity and sustainability to both.


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Incorporates components of neuromuscular, myofascial and trigger point therapy.

The MyoZen techniques for deep tissue work and stretching have really affected my massage practice and brought me more and more clients.

Toby, Massage Therapist

swe thai pic1.png

Magically blends the ancient Eastern knowledge of a highly revered form of medical Thai massage with specific soft tissue therapies.

Whatever body part you're using to produce results , it comes across in a supported way so at the end of the day your body actually feels rejuvenated instead of tired.

Chay Shavrick, Registered Nurse

thai foot massage pic1.png

An ancient technique that draws on both Ayurvedic and Chinese healing arts.

After a year and a half of receiving Thai Foot techniques, my client was able to walk and have no numbness and great circulation.

Beth, Massage Therapist

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A 2500 year old holistic healing art for rejuvenation, deep relaxation, and spiritual awakening.

The practitioner should always be giving with a compassionate state of mind, being aware that this is a physical application of loving kindness, known as metta.

Margie Meshew

Compassionate, caring and conscientious, Margie Meshew is committed to teaching Massage Therapists to value themselves, their health and well-being.

She trains Massage Therapists how to give their clients the best healing experience possible while saving their hands, their bodies and their energy.

Margie's extensive experience as a Licensed Massage Therapist, a Massage Teacher, a CEU Provider and a Yoga Teacher has helped many of her students increase the longevity of their practice, their massage clients list and their income.

She's the creator of 3 unique massage modalities, Swe Thai, MyoZen and Table Top Thai that incorporate the principles of Traditional Thai Massage with neuromuscular and myofascial release and that are being offered in high end spas in the country.

Her vision is to share the amazing benefits of these modalities with the public, so that families and partners can get together and share the healing power that comes from touch.

In a time where isolation and disconnection are prevalent, Margie advocates for loving kindness and interconnection through touch.

Margie is a provider for NCBTMB (295498-00) and Florida State (50-1260).



(234) 249-4423

Office hours: Monday - Friday 10 am - 6 pm

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