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The Florida Board of Massage has approved online learning for your 12 hour mandatory LIVE credits. 

BREAKDOWN of requirements for next year's renewal:

  • 1 hour - Human Trafficking

  • 6 hours - Ethics, Errors, FL Law

  • 6 hours - General Study that can be taken as a home study or part of a live class/webinar.

  • 12 hours - LIVE In-person class or LIVE Webinar


To Enhance Your Career

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MyoZen Therapy is a comprehensive proven method developed by Margie Meshew over 20 years ago. Its clinical foundation is based on both western and eastern medical massage incorporating components of neuromuscular, myofascial, and acupressure point therapy. It utilizes biomechanical techniques from ancient eastern healing massage that allow the therapist to target specific areas, for maximum results with minimal effort. I chose the word MyoZen: Myo- for the laser focus treatment of the muscle, Zen- for the state of mind I teach the therapist to access. By using a variety of procedures, they are not working hard but instead, resting in a Zen-like state allowing the muscle to slowly release.

The Meshew Method of Swe-Thai Massage was created by Margie Meshew in 1995. Its foundation is based on Thai Massage mechanics and contrary to popular belief, is not just a blend of Swedish and Thai massage. The specialized biomechanical techniques, used in Swe-Thai, allow the therapist to target specific areas; combine that with the Thai style is the best of both worlds! Your clients will be impressed with the results AND you will save your hands and body, extending the life of your career.

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In Thailand, the round cotton bundles containing herbal mixtures were once the secret tools of ancient healers, and in the last few years have become more popular in the west due to the combined benefits of heat and medicinal herbs. In this 12 hour course, you will learn the history, contents, benefits, proper application of this amazingly therapeutic hot compress, and a demonstration of working the major muscle groups.

Thai Foot Massage is a component of traditional Thai Massage, one of the ancient healing arts of Thailand. It draws on both Ayurvedic practice which originated in India about 5000 years ago and the art of reflexology developed in China over 3000 years ago. Traditional Thai Reflexology may be used to treat a variety of health conditions, but this class will cover Thai Foot Massage for relaxation and general wellness.

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Traditional Thai massage is a healing art form that has been around for over 2500 years and is widely used throughout Thailand in spas and medical settings. Thai massage incorporates yoga-style stretching, muscle compression along Sen (energy) lines, and gentle meditative rocking. We offer Traditional Thai Massage on the mat as well as Table Top Thai.

Table Top Thai is a contemporary adaptation of Traditional Thai Massage. It allows you and your client the ability to enjoy the many benefits of this ancient healing form of massage while still enjoying the convenience and familiarity of being on the table.


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