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Swe Thai Massage

The Swe-Thaï Massage was created by Margie Meshew in 1995.


Its foundation is based on Thaï Massage mechanics and contrary to popular belief, is not just a blend of Swedish and Thaï massage.


The specialized biomechanical techniques used in Swe-Thaï allow the therapist to target specific areas.


 Combine that with the Thaï style is the best of both worlds!


Your clients will be impressed with the results AND you will save your hands and body, extending the life of your career.

Below Margie is demonstrating a few of its delicious techniques in her top-selling training video.

The Cobra Stretch Technique
Hamstring and Adductor Stretch
Live Class with Margie

In our Swe Thai classes, you have the option to take an additional PRACTICE CLASS.

The 2-Day Swe Thai Class is 16 CEUS and with the additional PRACTICE CLASS, The 3-Day Swe Thai Class is 24 CEUS.

Class Schedule 2022-2023


  • Once you register, check your email for the WELCOME LETTER containing important info about the class.


  • All 24 credits required for Florida renewal are included with all of our courses below.


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